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Network distribution
Since the implementation of the "two-ticket system" policy, all pharmaceutical enterprises have been trying to reduce the intermediate steps to reduce sales costs, avoid operational risks and seek for unified sales channels to enable their products approaching to more consumers.Enterprises with nationwide sales network of pharmaceutical commercial circulation have realized a series of important economic functions, including rapid products break into the end market, complete and comprehensive national market information exchange, simple and quick service delivery, safe cash flow guarantee, economical transaction costs and marketing expenses, etc., that have gotten more and more attentions and have been proved to be quite effective.
By June 30, 2020, Jointown has invested and built up 31 provincial medical logistics centers in provincial administrative regions all over China, and has also set up 106 prefecture-level distribution logistics centers.The marketing network of Jointown has covered most administrative regions in China that forms a nationwide network. Meanwhile, it has 1,168 domestic retail pharmacies (including franchised stores) and is the one of the enterprises that own the most extensive marketing network coverage among the pharmaceutical distribution enterprises in China. As one of the few nationwide pharmaceutical commercial enterprises, Jointown provides better service to pharmaceutical manufacturers than similar enterprises in other regions, and it is easier for Jointown to obtain preferential sales policies from upstream manufacturers that are different from similar enterprises in other regions.
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