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Company Strategy
Jointown met its new development strategy period from year 2020 to 2022. The development theme of this strategic period is "Make professional pharmaceutical distribution, do excellent product marketing, provide innovative internet service and solidify high-quality development". Applied itself to the pharmaceuticals and big health industry, the company provides pharmaceutical institutions, retail pharmacies, commercial wholesale, production enterprises with professional pharmaceutical distribution, sole agency, modern logistics, information technology and other services; provides Internet + health management services for consumers; fully promotes the partnership mode of focusing on the development of hospital, sole agency, terminal e-commerce, equipment and TCM business, and actively carries out third-party logistics business, that enables upstream and downstream customers and consumers enjoy the most professional service experience and endeavors in steady development to create the most influential big health service platform in China.
Business Portfolio
Digital Pharmaceutical Distribution and Supply Chain Services
Jointown's upstream suppliers mainly include medical device manufacturers and agents; the downstream clients generally consist of the hospitals of all levels, grassroots medical institutions, chain pharmacies, monomer drugstores, e-commerce platforms, internet-based medical platforms, and downstream pharmaceutical distributors (quasi-terminals), etc. Located in the middle links of the pharmaceutical industrial chain, Jointown gathers numerous upstream and downstream clients and product resources as a platform. On the basis of connecting internal business systems, financial systems, and logistics systems, Jointown linked to the information systems of upstream suppliers and downstream customers, and independently developed and continuously optimized “Zhiyaotong” App to provide omni-channel and omni-scenario digital distribution and general agency promotion services for upstream customers, and omni-category and one-stop digital supply chain services for downstream customers.
General Agency Brand Promotion Business
Along with the expansion of distribution business, the increase in product scope, and the development of market channels, Jointown has accumulated rich operation experience, laying a solid foundation for it to undertake general agency brand promotion business from upstream brands and manufacturers; in the meantime, as the advancement of large-scale procurement advocated by the Government, some medicines previously sold in the hospital channel are now directed to the OTC market channel, providing an opportunity for Jointown to undertake the general agency brand promotion business of these medicines. As of the end of the reporting period, Jointown has sold 1,426 medicines and 325 medical devices under general agency sales.
Pharmaceutical Industry and OEM Business
Based on the advantages of varieties, brands, channels and marketing, the Company developed industrial products and OEM business, including the following sections: Western medicine industry: Beijing Jingfeng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., one of Jointown's subsidiaries, is a manufacturer specializing in western medicine research, development and production, especially antibiotics, anti-diabetic drugs, and cardiovascular drugs.TCM industry: Jointown has "jiuxin", "Jiuzhou Tianrun", "Jinguide Jitang", "Zhenrentang" and other series of product brands, a total of more than 8000 product specifications.OEM products: The Company operated 150 OEM products under its own brand, has obtained 2 MAH Class-II product registration certificates and established Meitikang and FLOS product systems with Wuhan Konizi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. as the main body; OEM medicines operated by the Company included 380 product specifications, such as tablets, capsules, oral liquids, compound granule products, etc.
Digital Retail
Pharmaceutical retailing is an integral part of Jointown's businesses. Jointown will make full use of the established supply chain advantages to empower retailing business and expand digital retailing through the modes of integrated wholesales and retailing and combined online and offline channels.Jointown officially launched the “Ten-Thousand Store Alliance Plan” in January 2021. Relying on its advantages in supply chain and customer resources, Jointown integrated terminal, procurement, and e-commerce resources to empower end pharmacies through brand authorization. Jointown has established 6,138 self-operated and franchised pharmacies, and planned to establish 10,000 franchised pharmacies by the end of 2022 and more than 30,000 alliance pharmacies in the next three years.
Smart Logistics Supply Chain Solutions and Services
Based on the big health industry and adhering to the market-oriented development direction, JPG Logistics has realized its transformation from enterprise logistics to a technological, platform-based and ecological enterprise. By linking logistics resources nationwide and relying on Jointown Cloud Warehouse, by virtue of the national vertical uniform standard operation management system, JPG Logistics provided internal business units and external customers with intelligent supply chain solutions of self-operation and three-party logistics services respectively. Services include integrated solutions such as logistics technology system integration and intelligent equipment. While meeting the needs of customers in the pharmaceutical industry, JPG Logistics actively extended to the logistics field of non-pharmaceutical customers, and expanded the fields of its logistics business services to improve the profitability of the Company's logistics.
Medical Health and Technology-related Value-added Services
On the basis of expanding and improving the pharmaceutical supply chain platform, the Company continued to provide IT-empowered services, and extended to medical services, health management, medical technology and other big health fields, to create a big health service platform and improve the content of big health services. At present, the businesses of this section mainly include:Information technology development and value-added services、Tool R&D and services empowered by the big health platform、Medical diagnostic services、R&D of regenerative medicine technology。
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