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Salary and welfare
Regular salary
We provide our employees with competitive regular wages according to their positions and make comprehensive salary adjustment every year according to the latest market trends, employees' salary levels and performance levels.
Performance-based salary
We offer merit-pay based on employee performance. Performance-based salary is closely related to employees' performance and contribution, which reflects our concept of the company grows and shares with employees.
Incentive bonus
We provide incentive bonuses according to the company's strategic priorities to encourage employees to undertake strategic and challenging tasks and goals, which reflects our mission proposition of "creating value".
Employee welfares
Housing subsidies
Employees are the most valuable asset of Jointown. We apply for housing subsidies for eligible employees and solve the problem of inhabitance registration transition, so that employees can settle down as soon as possible.
Insurance and housing fund
We provide employees with a comprehensive insurance plan, including national statutory endowment insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, and housing provident fund (five social insurances and housing fund) according to government policies.
Annual health examination
We care for the health of employees, adhere to the employee-oriented policy and organize annual physical examination for employees.
Holiday welfare benefits
We offer welfare for employees on holidays, including the Spring Festival (including all welfare during the New Year's day and the Spring Festival, such as festival allowances, year-end red envelope, year-opening red envelope, new-year-dinner, lucky draw and other activities), Dragon Boat Festival (including Labor Day), Mid-Autumn Festival (including National Day), Women's Day, etc.
Statutory holiday
We provide annual leave, paid sick leave, weekends/statutory public holidays, marriage leave, bereavement leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, breastfeeding leave and other related statutory holidays.
Team building activities
We advocate an innovative and collaborative team culture and organize a variety of quarterly/annual team events such as sports, travels, competitions, dinner parties, and company-level recognition to deepen our ties.
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