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Enterprise core idea
Company vision: strive to build up the most professional big healthy service platform in China.
big health is a sunrise industry forever. Therefore, Jointown’ s goal is striving to build up the most professional and dedicated big health service platform, to enhance the core competitiveness and achieve differentiated competition.Jointown focuses on the Chinese market, providing the most professional, dedicated and optimized services.
Company mission: Protecting people's health, bringing customers surprise and creating a win-win cooperation platform
Protecting people's health: human life and health is a process that requires always care and Jointown regards serving publics’ life and health as our ultimate mission and pursuit.
Bringing customers surprise: Customer is our first concern. Joinwown always insists on innovating products and creating new service mode to enable customers constantly have new experiences, harvest, and surprise.
Creating a win-win cooperation platform: Cooperation and platform is the main model of modern economy.Jointown always treats upstream and downstream customers as our partners and view employees as our cooperators and strive to create a win-win cooperation platform to achieve the dream of being a century-old enterprise.
Core value: orient customers as the center, performance as the guidance, culture as the drive and quality as the life being
Orient customer as the center: We put customer in the first place and actively explore customer requirements in rapid response to provide customers with high-quality products and services and enhance customer satisfaction and dependence.t
Orient performance as the guidance: Jointown adopts working performance as an important basis for the measurement of employees. Promotions, salary increases, and equity incentives are all measured basing on performance. We oppose empty talk and false data and orient the real performance as the guidance.
Orient culture as the drive: we advocate the “family culture” of equality, friendship, mutual help, progressiveness. Jointown people carry forward the spirit of “Be determined, not afraid of sacrifice and surmount every difficulty to success” and the good tradition of “Be diligent, pragmatic, united to make progress”. Obey family rules, maintain family tradition and practice family education. Treat the “family” with contribution, support, care, thrifty management, love and protection, to promote the development and progress of Jointown with the spirit and responsibility of ownership.
Orient quality as the life being: Quality is the lifeline of Jointown that is a guarantee for brand and reputation.Under the guidance of the concept of "All staff have quality awareness and all aspect put under quality management", we are perseverant for the quality, responsible to the public, hold in awe and veneration and keep highly responsible attitude to life and health of the public. We persist in the strict quality control, attach importance to safety, that makes Jointown as the benchmark of quality assurance.
Company spiri: Integrity, diligence, co-competition, innovation


Integrity is one of the basic character elements of Jointown people and also the driving power of management and growth for more than 30 years. The loyalty of Jointown people to their own business and the sincere service offered for customers is the bottom for Jointown’ s success. We believe that credit is the life of people, as well as the life of enterprises.


Jointown people have their own unique understanding of the word "diligence", that is, thrifty and striving, which is not only the traditional virtue of the Chinese Nation, but also the simple personality charm of Jointown people The success of Jointown is accumulated from every efforts of diligence and thrift, as well as hard work and plain living.


Namely competition and cooperation. Competition and cooperation are the universal principles of market economy. The rise or fall of Jointown depends on its ability to compete and cooperate in the market.It is the spirit among Jointown and partners,various departments and employees striving for creating maximum value for society, enterprises, shareholders and employees on the basis of equality and mutual assistance to achieve common goals.


Innovation is the sole power for the sustainable development of Jointown.We are never satisfied with the present situation and persist in the pursuit of perfection.We innovatively created the "Jointown mode"in the industry and firmly believe that only by maintaining a pragmatic attitude, continuous learning, improvement and upgrade in practice, we can remain invincible in the market competition and create a more brilliant tomorrow for Jointown.

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