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Culture essence
“family culture”: quality, friendship, mutual help, progressiveness
The family culture of Jointown comes from the undertaking starting and practice of development. The family culture embodies the hardworking, intelligent and enterprising spirit and the persistence of and pursuit undertaking of Jointown people.Its formation is a natural, objective and gradual process that has experienced the test of the market and has been providing a steady stream of spiritual power for the development of the company.
Family culture development history
Before the establishment of Jointown, Mr. Liu Baolin, the founder of the enterprise, worked as a village doctor in the countryside and successively worked in Yingcheng Swan Schistosomiasis Control Hospital and the clinic at Jiahegou Pumping Station of Water Conservancy Bureau in Yingcheng city.In 1985, he quitted his job and started to do business and formally set foot in the pharmaceutical industry.In 2000, the medical market is officially opened up to private capitals and Jointown was formally established on May 28.
During the pioneering stage from year 2000 to 2003, with only a few employees, family culture stood for the living demand of “eating, living and working together”.
From year 2004 to 2020, Jointown implemented the collectivization operation.With the company scale unceasingly expanded, the enterprise entered into the stage of standards reforming and targeting for listing.The connotation of family culture has also undergone profound changes and gradually become mature, which reflects a culture of "creating common cause". The cause of the company is also the cause for every employee, and the development of the company is closely related to the career development of every employee.
Since the listing in 2011 till today, Jointown has entered in the innovation period in which diversified industries and personnel further integrated and the connotation of family culture is also sublimated as “equality, friendship, mutual help, progressiveness”.
It can be said that the core of Jointown family culture is "the culture of respecting employees", which is gradually and naturally formed from a primitive family concept.It is a kind of original ecological simple and kind culture, that is jointly created by all the managers and employees in practice and has a deep mass foundation.
Connotation of family culture: Jointown family culture possesses the characteristics of “equality, friendship, mutual help, progressiveness”
Equality: We stress equality, fairness and reasonableness. We start from the very beginning after entered the company and everyone is treated equally. Everything is valued depending on whether you have made a contribution to the company, whether you have made achievements and progress, and whether you have integrated into the big family of Jointown.
Friendship: In Jointown, we always maintain a harmonious, warm, united and friendly working atmosphere. The management lead employees and employees serve customers. We fully respect and value our employees and employees treat leaders as friends and relatives with mutual care and encouragement.
Mutual help: The company cares about the future and development of employees and actively creates space and environment suitable for each employee's growth and development.We require the management and employees to strengthen mutual communication and jointly develop career planning. The company creates two or three employee development channels to allow employees to flexibly and timely choose their development space. We encourage employees and companies to share work and growth experience, so as to learn from and complement each other.
Progressiveness: We balance the punishment with leniency; we serve for the overall interests and take personal interests seriously; we regard the development of the company as our greatest happiness and the progress of the company as our greatest success; we discipline ourselves with higher standard to achieve personal and corporate growth.
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Eight elements of Family culture
Gate: family rules – rules, procedures and disciplines
The state has laws and the family has rules. Rules, procedures and disciplines are our family rules that should be abide by everyone.
Roof beam: family tradition – core value
We regard core values as our common family rules that is “orient customer as the center, performance as the guidance, culture as the drive and quality as the life being.
Window: family discipline – code of conduct
Family discipline is the "management/employees’ code of conduct", everyone should follow up, implement and strive to be the model of the code of conduct.
Roof: family master – leading the family
The chairman of the board, general manager and deputy general manager are the parents of the company, who should act as a good nanny, career coach, charismatic leader that dare to take on responsibilities and lead family members to create great achievements.
Brick and tiles: contribution –contribute to make profit to the family
Every employee should be aggressive and shoulder burdens to create profits for the company and contribute to the family.
Beam column: thrifty management - frugality in household management
Every employee should be diligent and thrifty, be proud for savings and be shameful for waste.
Fence: protection – protect the family
Every employee should have the sense of family responsibility to maintain the safety of production and operation, stand up for the interests of the company,stick to justice, report corruption behaviors and prevent potential risks.
Wall: family love –love for the family
Leaders care for employees and employees respect leaders, so as to form a sound family culture atmosphere of "equality, friendship, mutual help and progressiveness".
Family rules: Everyone is equal under the system in the big family of the enterprise, and everyone of us should follow the rules and regulations of the company
We are not opposed to couples, brothers and other relatives and friends working in the same company, but we are firmly opposed to cronyism.
We advocate generosity and magnanimity, but we firmly oppose complicity and disregard principles.
We call for healthy corporate cultural life and firmly oppose vulgar and unhealthy cultural encroachment.
We promote solidarity, fraternity and mutual help, and firmly oppose cliques and factions.
We strictly follow the family circumvention policy: relatives, friends, classmates and other personnel with nepotism should not work in the same department. When personal interests are involved in promotion, salary increase, application for job transfer, performance appraisal and payment of benefits and bonuses, the relevant leaders and functionaries with nepotism should be avoided, and their votes and opinions shall be deemed invalid.Those who do not comply will be dealt with seriously to ensure fairness.
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