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Public welfare
Upholding charity is the virtuous blessing to people that “there will be no disease in the world, even if the medicine on the shelf covered with dust” and also the commitment to “enable medicine touching everywhere and good health approaching everyone”.Jointown throws itself in social public welfare and gives back to the society with practical actions again and again to express our gratitude to all sectors of society.Jointown commits itself to be a reliable pharmaceuticals health industry service provider and more faithful social harmony guardian.
In 2021 Jointown take an interest in corporate social responsibility
In the first half of 2021, Jointown participated in social welfare activities, donated money and products to many poor villages in poor areas, carried out poverty alleviation by supporting the education. Among them, Jointown donated 300,000 yuan to the "Sunshine Lunch Project of Schools in Dalang Mountain Area" through the "Sichuan Soma Charity Foundation",to help the children in Daliang Mountain by creating a comfortable campus where they can learn and live in a goog basis for life. Jointown's total investment in poverty alleviation in the first half of the year reached 1.3430 million yuan.
In addition, during the rainstorm disaster in Henan province in July 2021, Jointown donated a total of 10 million yuan in cash and medical supplies to the Charity Federation of Henan Province to assist the flood-affected areas in there.
In August 2021, the company donated a total of 1 million yuan of materials and cash to Suizhou, Hubei province to assist local flood relief.
In 2020 JoinTown is right here fighting against COVID-19
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, with the corporate headquarters stationed at Wuhan, Hubei, Jointown has behaved in rapid response of answering the government’s calling. Jointown overcame various difficulties under the circumstance of traffic control, road closures, the lack of material and the shortage of manpower, tried best to take a series of prevention and control measures and exerted every effort to guarantee goods supplies.With a strong sense of social responsibility and professional service ability, it showed the public that Jointown is always be with you for fighting against the COIVD-19!
In 2020 JoinTown is still here fighting against flood
To effectively cope with the flood control situation in the summer and better fulfill social responsibility, on July 13,Jointown established the flood prevention& rescue headquarters and the CPC party member-based flood prevention commandos. They represented Jointown guarding at the Han river levee for the whole day and was prepared to contribute all strengths to protect Wuhan.
In 2019 JoinTown is always here caring for the society
“Deliver coolness in hot summer” charity activities for outdoor workers
“Practice public welfare and care for the elderly” charity activities at nursing homes
In 2018 Dedicate love and support the vulnerable group
Jointown sub-brand Haoyaoshi Pharmacy carried out charity activities of Free Medication for the sanitation workers.
Xinjiang Bosai Jointown carried out charity activities for the disabled at Rehabilitation and Recuperation Centre.
In 2017 Relay For Life and carry forward love
Jointown signed a joint military-civilian cooperation agreement with airborne troops to strongly support the resettlement of demobilized military talents.
The Jointown Henan branch company concentrated all resources from the company to seek for life-saving medicine for a poisoned child in desperate situation.
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